Find the win in every affiliate deal!

Manage Monetizer (Afflow) traffic with a scraping tool that gives you important data

Have you heard about Afflow?

We know it as a traffic monetization system. Monetizer (Afflow)  helps you send traffic in and anonymously pinch the offers or landers. The scope of Monetizer (Afflow) is to maximize the EPM on all traffic segments, so you will get a high performance sending low sources to Monetizer (Afflow) and thus scoring a better reach than a standard campaign.

Use Monetizer (Afflow) to:

  • Monetize unconvertible traffic;
  • Spec traffic completely with a broad campaign to Monetizer (Afflow);
  • Send traffic for short periods of times;

How can you make good use of Monetizer (Afflow) ?

Unfortunately, Monetizer (Afflow) doesn’t offer 100% flexibility on traffic leads and it is at base an arbitrage. In order to take control of Monetizer (Afflow) and benefit of its system, we came up with AffMonster!

Monster up your leads! Get your AffMonster!

We created the AffMonster in order to get real-time data by supervising the Monetizer (Afflow) Live Leads. Why is this necessary? Monetizer (Afflow) offers a 3 hours delay data and you risk losing the offers. However, by using the AffMonster, you can scrap ALL live leads records and save them for further analysis.

You will find out what converts faster and thus win a significant advantage point in front of your competitors!

The amazing part about the AffMonster is that it is a ONE TIME investment and we put at your service a team viewer support session to explain how to run and analyze exported data!

It works on Windows OS and for impeccable analysis, we advise you to use MS Excel for data.

Get your AffMonster for only $99, payment available through PayPal and master the Monetizer (Afflow) live leads!

Are you still trying to get a grip on the Afflow system?

Add me on Skype @gehad_1010 and ask for any information regarding the AffMonster.