5 Steps Afflow Strategy



I created this strategy to fast test top converting Afflow offers and get use of AffMonster advantage point of real-time data before my competitors get notice those offers after it shows on Afflow statistical reports 2 hours later.

In this strategy i prefer working with limited number of Geos which have minimum bots and not much expensive, and exclude some verticals matching my traffic type like adult, casino and aggressive offers.

as you see in the above flow chart, steps are:

  1. Run AffMonster app for 5 Р10 minutes: see the video
  2. Analyze the exported report using excel by excluding some verticals and selecting some Geos.
  3. Sorting by top converting geo/vertical, and select top 5 of them.
  4. Run fast & very low budget ($1 – $5) test campaign on my traffic source, it is preferred if you have proven placements/targets which are already tested, converting and bot clean this will give more clear test result, and don’t worry if you don’t have it, you will build those proven placement with time as you are focusing on specific geos, good placements is a very valuable asset in this business.
  5. If you spent the budget without conversion, kill the campaign and test another geo/vertical, but if you got even one conversion with that small budget, start optimize the campaign, clean the traffic play with bids and then scale if you got good conversion.

Please remember, you are buying data, so try to get maximum use of every data you collected, keep list of good placements and another one for bad placements and use those lists in building your new campaigns, build your assets!



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